Hard by the Bogle Howe, an naewhaur near the Draigon. Gin ye'r speirin at ma duir for the Draigon, ye'r in the wrang village aathegither. Hit's in Newton o Pitcairns, or mair properly speakin, is Newton o Pitcairns, as faur as I ken. But thaim that bydes Dunning wad tell ye mair aboot it.

Gin ye'r deleiverin telephone directories roun aboot Blackford an feinish up at ma duir, or stert oot this gate, I ken aa the nems o aa the hooses here, but canna juist likely tell ye in whitna order thay micht occur.
Bi the by, I hae telephone directories masel sufficient for nou.
But gin ye maun drive here wi mair, turn aff the A9 at Blackford an tak first left up the wee brae, haud gaun fowertie yairds, an this is the saicont hoose on yer richt.