Whaur's aa the gannets that wis in Loch Fyne? (August 2004) Awa fushin some ither bit. Eejit trawlers is juist efter strippin the loch clean.
Whit wis the key Socratic quaisten pitten bi Thurso Berwick? But what is a Scottish Republican?
Whit is the meanin o life? wha sent ye here, speirin that?
Whaur can I coff a dacent Scots pie? uissfu tourist information: Murray's pies frae Sooth Street in Perth isna bad, bi the ordnar cauld edibility test. But the World Champion pies o 2004 can be haen frae the Sugar an Spice baxters fornent the Aytoun Haa in Auchterarder. Thair steak an mince pies is smashin an aa.
Whit wis yer worst pie? back in the Seiventies, the Dowanhill Bar uised ti hae pies served at boadie temperature that wad fill a pub ashtray wi thair nesty creesh. Whit wi the servin temperature, gin ye didna haud it upside doun an dry it oot first, but bit it an held it in yer haun wi yer airm on the bar, the bree wad aa rin slawly doun yer sark sleeve unnoticed, an jeel yer elbae til the wuid.
Whit wis Hugh MacDiarmid's advice? eschew humour
Whit is the RYA? a free association o radicals in a saut solution
Whit's the pynt o gaun sailin?

(dinna cleik on the photie abuin gin yer computer isna cantie wi a 1.2mb dounlade)