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Gaun ashore
Staunin Suggestions  Houlet
Afore gaun ashore frae the boatie, please mynd: whaur aboots
an redd up efter yersel
pit past aa the delf an see til ither stowein inby
mak siccar the hap's ower the mainsail
tie the ens o the foresail sheets thegither
see til onie ither lowss raips an bunjee the halyairds sae thay winna dinnle at the mast
mak siccar the furlin line's cleatit aff
stowe the jacksteys an the lifebuoy an the saltire
tak tent o things at micht sink her…
See at the stove's aff
Close engine watter cock in ablo the engine - turn at richt angils til the pipe ae quarter turn left an doun
an the shunkie drain ablo the shunkie
an the sea watter cock for hit ablo the bink til the left o the shunkie
nou wash yer hauns, syne:
Close the jawbox drain in ablo it
an the sea watter cock for hit in ablo the bink til the left o the jawbox
Check the moorin warps ticht eneuch, the twa raips throu ilka fairlead sae the sweivel ablo the muckle buoy can rowe, sae at the warps disna get fankelt roun the chyne, an the bits hose snod in the fairleads ti sauf the raips frae chaffin
an nou mynd
mak siccar the forehatch is richt sneckit
an turn aff onie electrics that's on yit, syne the baith pouer isolators
pump oot the bilges
mak a leet o ocht that's nott the like o deisel, yle, isopropyl, coffee… ocht needin sortit
tak aa litter an perishables an washin aff wi ye
tak the electric dinghy inflator ashore wi ye
lock the companionwey
pit past the keys whaur we gree'd
an see an no droun yersel gettin aff the boat pit on yer lifejaiket
bi order o Republican Yachtin Associe